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Yom Shlishi, 28 Elul 5777

shabbat-webCongregation Emeth provides a warm and welcoming environment for sacred spiritual pursuits for people of all ages.

Shabbat services are held most Friday evenings at 7:15 pm. Approximately once a month Emeth instead offers a Saturday morning service at 10 am. . Our primary prayerbook is the Mishkan T'Filllah, which includes a mixture of English and Hebrew, for which transliterations are included. Fluency in Hebrew is not necessary or expected. We encourage individuals to make services more meaningful for both themselves and the congregation by participating in reading prayers, singing songs, and other service activities. Children are welcome at all services.



Shabbat Short 'n Sweet 

This informal short Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) service also provides congregants the opportunity to learn the meaning of the prayers and discuss the Torah portion of the week. Rabbi led, this service is appropriate for children of all ages as well as adults. Prayers for healing and Mourners Kaddish are included. These twice-a-month services, while open to and appropriate for all,  are also part of Emeth's Jewish Studies curriculum for students in grade 3 through bar/bat mitzvah.The service is followed by a sweet oneg..

Friday Night Live

This Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) service highlights the music of Shabbat. This is a high energy, musical service appropriate for both children and adults It is a full Shabbat service, (without a Torah reading) with a sermon or teaching from the Rabbi.  It is followed by a sweet oneg.

TNT – Torah 'n T'filah

This traditional service includes a reading of the weekly Torah portion and a sermon or teaching from the Rabbi. It is a complete Shabbat service, whether held Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) or Shabbat morning (Saturday morning).

Shabbat Morning Service in celebration of a bar or bat mitzvah

All congregants are invited to celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah as a community. This is a traditional Shabbat morning service with Torah and Haftarah readings, followed by a Kiddush lunch. Attire is synagogue traditional (business casual to semi-formal).

Shabbat At Home

About once a month, Congregation Emeth does not have community Shabbat services. Resources are available to facilitate a meaningful Shabbat dinner and Torah discussion in your home. Go to Shabbat at Home.


Congregation Emeth has a tradition of a warm and welcoming Oneg Shabbat table (reception), with sweets and fruit after services on Fridday night, and bagels, fruit, cut veggies, and sweets following services on Shabbat morning. In addition to blessing the wine and challah, attendees partake in refreshments, conversation, and the opportunity to renew existing friendships and begin new ones. Please help us to build community by remembering to bring some small contribution to our Oneg if and when you are able--any contribution is appreciated.

Temple member families host the service and Oneg on a rotating basis. A board representative is also assigned to each service to support the host family. The following guidelines are provided for host families and board reps:

Hosting duties are not onerous, yet they are important.. Please take part  by volunteering once a year to be a Shabbat host.

  • To host a Torah 'n T'filah Service or a Friday Night Live Service, contact our volunteer coordinator.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Shabbat Short 'n' Sweet Services are also part of Beit Sefer, our education programming, and they are hosted by Beit Sefer families. To host a. Short 'n Sweet Service, contact our education committee.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Please join us for an Erev Shabbat family dinner with Shabbat rituals, held before services approximately once a month. These community dinners (usually potluck) are often part of the special programming for holidays such as Sukkot, Tu BiSh'vat or Chanukah. Unless otherwise noted, they start at 6:15 pm. The membership committee also hosts an annual community Shabbat (including either a barbeque or an ice cream social) to welcome new members and prospective members in the summer, prior to High Holy Days.

Community dinners are always specified as either dairy or meat. Although we are a Reform congregation, Emeth is the only Jewish congregation in the South County area. Consequently, the membership encompasses people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Our food policy is designed to keep within Reform guidelines while not offending our members or guests.  Food Policy (PDF).

At Congregation Emeth, we believe community dinners are important in strengthening our members' relationships with one another and their perception of Emeth as an extended family. They also provide opportunities for children and their parents to learn about the traditions of Shabbat.


18 Little Things You Can Do For Shabbat


1. Invite friends.

2. Ask guests to prepare a Shabbat blessing, song, or story

3. Set a special table for Shabbat dinner.

4. Use a special tablecloth.

5. Arrange fresh flowers in your home.

6. Polish the silver.

7. Pour a nice wine.

8. Bake or buy a challah.

9. Give thanks for the blessings of the week.

10. Light special candles.

11. Read a Shabbat prayer…then read it again.

12. Say blessings over the wine and challah.

13. Sing some nice songs.

14. Listen to the quiet peace of a dinner at home…without phone, TV, or radio.

15. Take a Shabbat walk.

16. Be open to moments of wonder, of soulful encounter.

17. Pause for a moment as Shabbat ends on Saturday night. Sing havdalah!

18. Look forward to the next week’s Shabbat celebration.


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Rabbi's Weekly Message

rabbi-webRead Rabbi Israel's weekly message. This message are usually based on the week's Torah portion.


Worship Calendar

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Rosh Hashanah Service
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Rosh Hashanah Service + Food Drive
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Picnic and Tashlich - In the Park
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Yom Kippur Services
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Yom Kippur Services

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