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Yom Sheini, 11 Av 5778

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At Congregation Emeth, Jewish Studies programming fosters both the development of Jewish identity and the acquisition of knowledge.

Congregation Emeth, as a Reform-affiliated congregation, affirms the autonomy of each Jew to make choices regarding personal observance and theology while simultaneously expecting members to make these choices in an informed, responsible manner respectful of our Jewish tradition. Emeth's Jewish Studies programs, for children from pre-kindergarten through grade 7, are intended to prepare students to make these choices.

All the programs are curriculum based and include classroom and informal learning environments.

  • Kindergarten through grade 2; children learn the basics of Judaism.
  • Grade 3 through bar/bat mitzvah: youngsters learn skills for participating in a Jewish community.

Congregation Emeth's role in the development of children's Jewish identity is secondary to and supportive of the parents' role. Therefore, much of the Jewish Studies programming and many projects are specifically designed to empower family discussion, practice, and participation.

Emeth's Beit Sefer, which includes Jewish Studies programming, encourages students to participate in summer camps, day camps, and camp weekends. These programs provide opportunities for students to experience a wholly Jewish environment and schedule.

Download Youth Education Registration Forms (PDF) - 2017-18 packet is now available for download.

Registration is due August 22, 2017.  To submit your registration packet for the 2017-2018 year, please:

  • Download the edcuation packet (above link)
  • Complete the packet online, on your computer
  • Save the completed packet on your computer
  • Email the packet to Barry Freund, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • (or alternatively print and mail to Congregation Emeth / 17835 Monterey Road / MH 95037 /  Attn: Barry Freund)





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